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NEW NACHA Rules Changes for 2019, 2020 & 2021: How Changes Affect Compliance & Audit Requirements with respect to Faster Payments

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Course Description:

         As a participant in the ACH Network (ODFI, RDFI, TPSP and TPS) you need to ensure you are in compliance with the NACHA Operating Rules while processing ACH transactions. This webinar will include all the intricate details and what they mean to you, to help you make changes and continue to remain inn compliance with these Rules. Included will be topics such as:

  • Enhancements to SDA (Same Day ACH) Functionality;
  • Improving Funds Availability for ALL ACH transactions.
  • A makeover of the Annual ACH Rules Compliance Audit;
  • Enhancing ACH Quality by allowing an RDFI more options and flexibility when doing ACH Returns by adding functionality of R11 and R17 Return Reason Codes;
  • Continuing to improve the Quality of the ACH Network by supplementing the already existing requirements for Originators when doing WEB Debit Origination; and
  • Improving Risk Management abilities by adding to the ACH Security Framework by requiring larger Originators, TPSP and TPS to further protect deposit account info from potential data breaches
  • In addition, an outline of any pending RFC (Request for Comment), Industry updates, or other possible NACHA Rules Changes in the foreseeable future.

Why should you Attend?

         Staying in the loop of the constant changes to the NACHA Operating Rules can be difficult and along with that comes the responsibility as a participant in the ACH Network to remain in compliance with these Rules AND any changes.

         TIn this 90-minute webinar session, the trainer provide all the details on the most recent and upcoming NACHA Operating Rules changes that affect you as a participant in the ACH network, whether you are an ODFI, an RDFI or a TPS (Third-Party Sender) or TPSP (or Third Party Service Provider). Multiple Rules Changes, NACHA Operations Bulletins, Supplements to the Rules along with examples and explanations of what they each mean to you as a participant will be discussed.

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Areas Covered:

  • Define the new and recently approved (or changed) amendments to the Rules on Expanding Same Day ACH (SDA) and how these changes will affect you as a financial institution or participant in the ACH Network
  • Expand on the Changes to the Annual ACH Rules Compliance Audit and what that means to you!
  • Describe the potential impact and change to procedures that participants in the ACH network will experience based on the approved changes to other ACH Quality and Risk Management topics such as:
    • Supplementing the fraud detection standard for Internet-initiated (WEB) debits
    • Allowing RDFIs to indicate within a return that the original transaction was questionable or part of anomalous activity
    • Redefining a Return Reason Code to assist in the Return of Unauthorized Entries to further differentiate the details of “why” the Return is being sent by the RDFI
    • Enhancing the existing ACH information security requirements for large Originators and Third Parties
  • Plus, other “upcoming and pending” NACHA Rules changes and how this can change the way you process ACH transactions in the future

Who will benefit?

This webcast on 2020 NACHA Changes will be of a valuable assistance to the below audience.

  • ACH operations staff
  • Compliance Staff
  • ACH Auditors
  • aspiring AAP’s (Accredited ACH Professional)
  • AAP’s looking for continuing education credits
  • Banking staff

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Speaker Details

Donna Olheiser

Donna Olheiser

VP of Education at Dynamic Mastership

Donnas extensive knowledge, enthusiasm and passion for transferring payment processing knowledge using the adult learning theory is remarkable and has helped many payment professionals perform daily operational tasks including exception processing while remaining compliant with the NACHA Operating Rules. She uses scenarios and examples to bring the learning home, easy to comprehend and apply to real-life day-to-day ACH processing. Donna's ability to engage the learner through the entire training event

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