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Veterinary Pharmacy Law: Regulatory Update and Safe Handling of Hazardous Drugs

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         This is an extensive review of federal laws that are recommended for pharmacists and veterinarians who practice veterinary medicine. Controlled substance regulations will be covered in detail as well as prescription ordering, writing and dispensing rules and regulations. New changes of drugs for food animals from OTC to prescription will also be covered in this 60 minutes education program. Compounding guidelines and legal ramifications of dispensing human drugs to animals will be discussed in detail. Sue has given over 400 lectures in veterinary pharmacy law and pharmacology over the past 25 years as a veterinary pharmacist that practices at a university veterinary college.

         Numerous drugs are approved or indexed for use in animals. However, there are many different species of animals with different diseases and conditions for which there are no approved or indexed animal drugs. In some cases, approved human drugs can be used to treat an animal under the extra label use provisions of the FD&C Act and FDA regulations.

         For example, various chemotherapeutic drugs approved for humans are used to treat cancer in dogs and cats. FDA recognizes that there are circumstances where there is no drug available to treat a particular animal with a particular condition, because either no drug is approved for a specific animal species or no drug is available under the extra label drug use provisions. In those limited circumstances, an animal drug compounded from bulk drug substances may be an appropriate treatment option.

         FDA is concerned about the use of animal drugs compounded from bulk drug substances, especially when approved alternatives exist that can be used as labeled or in an extra label manner consistent with the requirements of FDA's extra label provisions.

         Compounded drugs have not undergone premarket FDA review of safety, effectiveness, or manufacturing quality.

         The unrestricted compounding of animal drugs from bulk drug substances has the potential to compromise food safety, place animals or humans at undue risk from unsafe or ineffective treatment, and undermine the incentives to develop and submit new animal drug applications to FDA containing data and information to demonstrate that the product is safe, effective, properly manufactured, and accurately labeled.

         This webinar will discuss FDA's decision not to take enforcement action depends on its ability to evaluate whether the compounding of animal drugs is in accordance with each of the following conditions:

  • If the animal drug is compounded in a state-licensed pharmacy
  • If the animal drug is compounded by a licensed veterinarian
  • If the animal drug is compounded by an outsourcing facility

Why should you Attend?

  • To cover the legal regulations for dispensing and record keeping of controlled substances
  • Discuss the new changes in food animal antimicrobial drugs from OTC to Rx
  • Audit your current practices for inspections of your drug inventory
  • Understand the legal ramifications of compounding
  • Review new drug dosages forms and extra-label use
  • Review what is legal for technicians to do when handling medications

Areas Covered:

  • Laws, Regulations, and Litigation with the Drug Enforcement Administration
  • How to document record keeping of controlled drugs?
  • References needed for pharmacist to practice in a pharmacy dispensing veterinary medications
  • Handling extra-label prescriptions
  • Review species differences in drugs

Who will benefit?

This webcast will be of a valuable assistance to the below audience.

  • Pharmacists
  • Veterinary and Pharmacy technicians
  • Veterinarians
  • Sales Representatives of Veterinary Compounding Pharmacies
  • Animal Producers

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Speaker Details

Sue Duran

Sue Duran

Professor/ GMP Pharmacist , Auburn University

Dr Sue Hudson Duran is a professor at Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine and Adjunct Clinical Professor, Harrison School of Pharmacy, Auburn, Alabama. She has experience as a GMP pharmacist in pharmaceuticals, biologicals, nutraceuticals and food. She is an active member of the Auburn Food Systems Institute. She has been the safety officer at the College of Veterinary Medicine since 2000, serving to educate medical professionals in safe handling

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