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INCOTERMS - International Commercial Terms

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This 60-minute webinar will help exporters understand International Commercial Terms, or INCOTERMs, published by the International Chamber of Commerce and how to select the correct one for their transactions.

Why should you Attend?

Companies that export and import products internationally need to understand which International Commercial Term, or INCOTERM, to use to precisely determine who pays for freight, insurance and customs duties. INCOTERMs also determine at which point in the logistics movement of goods title transfer takes place during transit.

Areas Covered:

  • What are INCOTERMs
  • How are they used for the export sales
  • How are they used for import purchases
  • What are the terms and conditions of each INCOTERM
  • How do I select the correct term for a specific transaction
  • What are the benefits or one term over another
  • What are the risks of one term over another

Learning objectives:

Attendees will learn how to use INCOTERMs to define who pays for freight, insurance and customs duties for the export sale and the import purchase of goods.

Who will benefit?

This webinar will provide valuable assistance to all companies that export or import goods and need to properly allocate the cost of freight, insurance and customs duties between the parties in the transaction.

  • Export trading companies that sell internationally
  • Import companies that purchase internationally
  • Freight forwarding companies that are contracted to transport goods
  • Bank staff involved with trade finance services and the negotiation of credits

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John  Dunlop

John Dunlop

Global Trade

John W. Dunlop is CEO of, LLC. provides the eTrade Finance Platform as an open source web service for online eUCP Letter of Credit and trade finance transactions. The company also provides Documentary Letter of Credit Management services to assist exporters and importers in managing the letter of credit process from purchase order to final payment.

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