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HIPAA Texting & Emailing 2018 Update - New HIPAA Rules for Communicating with Patients by Unencrypted Email and Text Messages

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Course Description:

         As long as we ensure reasonable safeguards, HIPAA Privacy Rule and Security Rule allow appropriate electronically communication and handling of health care 'Protected Health Information'. All personal medical information, including name, address, Social Security number, and all medical information about an "individual" come under PHI.

         The information that makes a message subject to HIPAA.

  • Learn how to ensure your "safe harbor"
  • Obtaining consent from patients to send PHI in unencrypted email and unencrypted text messages
  • Transferring responsibility for unauthorized access to the PHI in transmission or when received by the patient
  • Learn about all the documentation needed to prove and pass compliance
  • Learn steps to be taken by Health Care Provider when a patient has not agreed to receive PHI in unencrypted email or unencrypted text message
  • Learn the exemptions during which a covered entity can disclose PHI without individual's written authorization
  • Learn how to ensure "safe harbor" when you are a business associate
  • Learn about your scenarios and requirements to be able to communicate by email or text message with a patient on behalf of a Health Care Provider
  • Learn to protect yourself from liability for violating HIPAA Rules about email and text messages in its Business Associate Agreement
  • Learn the steps taken if a patient does not agree to receive PHI in unencrypted emails or text messages
  • Learn all about the Policies and Procedures Health Care Providers and Business Associates must have in place to comply with HIPAA Rules concerning communication with patients through email and text message

Why should you Attend?

         With the introduction of smart phones, emails have become the even more accessible form of communication. In conjunction with email comes issue of security and them being intercepted and read by unintended persons. HIPAA and email & texting can co-exist, when Privacy and Security rules are understood and implemented.

         Precautions and steps are to be taken at every step of the way. Be it in scenarios like unintentional disclosures in emails by wrong email id's or emails initiated by patients without knowing the risks and the potential liabilities. So for a Health care concern or a business associate it's a key to maximize patient communication tools while protecting itself and the organization from government penalties and patient lawsuits.

Areas Covered:

         To keep abreast on rules between HIPAA and email

  • Learn and understand the precautions taken in case of permitted email communications
  • Learn and understand the benefits of warning patients about the risks of using email that includes patient health information (PHI)
  • Learn and understand patient information that are exposed, what part of information is withheld and how patients can decide the same. Learn the responsibility for safeguarding PHI delivered to the patient
  • Learn and understand the steps taken to protect the integrity of information and protect information shared over open networks
  • Learn and understand the responsibility for unauthorized access of a patient's PHI during transmission

Who will benefit?

This webcast will be of a valuable assistance to the below audience.

  • Health Care Providers
  • Dentists
  • Optometrists
  • Physicians
  • Podiatrists
  • Chiropractors
  • Business Associates
  • Billing
  • Collection
  • Insurance Brokerage
  • Patient Engagement and Marketing Companies
  • Any business associates who work with medical practices or hospitals (i.e. billing companies, transcription companies, IT companies, answering services, home health, coders, attorneys, etc)

  • Private practice
  • Hospitals
  • Billing companies
  • Transcriptions companies
  • Home health groups
  • Health insurance
  • Ambulatory
  • IT companies
  • Attorneys
  • Practice Managers Associations

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Speaker Details

Brian L Tuttle

Brian L Tuttle

Health IT & Compliance Consultant

Brian L Tuttle is a Certified Professional in Health IT (CPHIT), Certified HIPAA Professional (CHP), Certified HIPAA Administrator (CHA), Certified Business Resilience Auditor (CBRA), Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) with over 20 years experience in Health IT and Compliance Consulting.

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